Eaton 93PS (3 Phase) 10kVA 10 minute UPS – Critical Power Solutions
Eaton 93PS (3 Phase) 10kVA 10 minute UPS

Eaton 93PS (3 Phase) 10kVA 10 minute UPS (run time based on 0.8pf)

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Ideal for Protecting: Servers, Data Centres, Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities, Transportation, Retail Buildings, Hospitals and Healthcare, Telecommunications, Finance and Baking Critical Infrastructure, Government Offshore, Military and special projects such as Marine.

Lowest total cost of ownership and maximum availability - taking scalability, resiliency, safety and efficiency to the next level. The most advanced UPS in its power range, the Eaton 93PS is ideal for small data centres and other mission critical applications where efficiency, reliability, safety and scalability are essential.


The rapid adoption of the cloud, constant evolution of IT technologies, increased focus on environmental footprint and sophistication of mission critical applications is demanding even more efficient, resilient, scalable and safe power protection solutions. The new levels of efficiency and scalability offered by the 93PS minimise Total Cost of Ownership while the safety and resiliency, both in infrastructure and IT layers, maximise availability and ensure business continuity.


UPS Topology Double Conversion
Efficiency in Double Conversion Mode > 96%
Efficiency in Energy Saver System (ESS)


Up to 99%
External Paralleling Up to 4 units with HotSync technology
UPS Degree of Protection IP 20


Rated Input Voltage 220/380 V, 230/400V, 240/415V
Voltage Tolerance: Rectifier Input 187 to 276 V
Voltage Tolerance: Bypass Input Rated voltage -15% / +10%
Input Wiring 3 Phases + Neutral
Input Power Factor 0.99
Input ITHD 10kw < 4%
Rated Input R.M.S Current (8kW) 380V = 16A, 400V = 15A, 415V = 15A
Soft Start Capability Yes


Output Wiring 3 Phases + Neutral
Rated Output Voltage 220/380 V, 230/400 V, 240/415 V, configurable
Total Voltage Harmonic Distortion 100% linear load < 1%, 100% non-linear load < 5%
Overload Capability: On Inverter

10 min 102-110% load

60 sec 111-125% load

10 sec 126-150% load

300 ms > 150% load

Overload Capability: On Bypass

Continuous < 125% load

20 ms 1000% load


Battery Technology 12V, VRLA
Battery Design Life 5 or 10 years
Battery Quantity 32 blocks, 192 cells per battery string
Battery Voltage 384 V
Nominal Ah Capacity (C10) 9 Ah or 7 Ah Long Life
Charge Current Limit

Default 5A, configurable Maximum 25A


Height 95.0 cm
Width 33.5 cm
Depth 61.6 cm
Weight 163 kg