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CyberPower Systems

CyberPower Systems 12U Wall Mounted Rack

CyberPower Systems 12U Wall Mounted Rack

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Product Description

Ideal for protecting: Server Room, Data Centre and Back Offices

CyberPower CR12U51001 provides space-efficient solution to organize IT equipment in server room and data center. The standard 19" swing-out rack enclosure is capable of mounting and safeguarding multiple rack equipment, allowing simple management for users. The product also features 90° swing-out rear door which can swing away from the wall for convenient access to equipment and cabling. The front door, rear door and side panels are removable with keyed-alike locks. The front door's reversible design allows users to choose the door's direction to open. Furthermore, the front and rear doors are hex-perforated to enable optimal airflow. Optional caster kit allows the enclosure to easily move to desired location.

The enclosure's depth-adjustable rack angles with dual mounting holes can be adjusted freely based on your rack equipment's sizes. Its rack U numbering supports easy equipment installation. The standard design is compatible with various accessories to customize IT solutions based on different needs. Cables can be routed through the top or bottom slots with covers. Optional high performance fans are available to ensure high air flow efficiency in the rack systems. The rack enclosure has integrated grounding points to connect the facility to the ground for safety.

Technical Specifications


Product Category Swing Out Wall Mount Enclosure


Invertible Enclosure Yes
Rolling Casters Optional
Removeable Door(s) and Side Panels Yes
Reversible Front Door Yes
Lockable Doors and Side Panels Yes, Keyed-alike
Rack U Numbering Yes
Ventilation Perforated Door and Side Panels with Ventilated Top and Bottom
Heat Dissipation Optional Fan Kit
Cable Access Top and Bottom
Integrated Grounding Yes

Physical Details

Rack Height (U) 12
Rack Door Type Perforated Metal Door
Equipment Mounting Hole Type Dual Mounting Hole
Color Black
Weight Capacity - Stationary 60 kg
Maximum Mounting Depth 46.2 cm
Dimensions (WxHxD) 60 x 63.7 x 60cm
Weight 27.3 kg
Product Warranty Period 2 Years



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