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APC by Schneider Electric

APC Replacement Battery Cartridge RBC55

APC Replacement Battery Cartridge RBC55

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APC Replacement Battery Cartridge RBC55. Genuine APC replacement batteries cartridges are tested and certified for compatibility to restore UPS performance to the original specifications. Some kits include all connectors, battery recycling guide, metallic battery tray or enclosure and reusable packaging. 

APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #55 - UPS battery - 1 x Lead Acid (RBC55)

Designed For P/N: DLA2200, SMT2200, SMT2200C, SMT2200I, SMT2200I-AR, SMT2200IC, SMT2200TW, SMT2200US, SMT3000, SMT3000C, SMT3000I, SMT3000I-AR, SMT3000IC, SMT3000TW, SUA2200-BR, SUA2200I_IN, SUA2200ICH-45, SUA2200TW, SUA2200UXICH, SUA3000-BR, SUA3000ICH, SUA3000ICH-45, SUA3000I-IN, SUA3000UXI, SUA3000UXICH
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