How a UPS in Storm Season could save your Business

How a UPS in Storm Season could save your Business

Storms (and the lightning that accompanies them) have been part and parcel of the Australian summer for decades. Many of us have felt the impact when lightning's struck in at least one of the two most common ways:

  1. The power surge
  2. The blackout

The power surge can be catastrophic for any electrical equipment that's unprotected. And when it comes to computers, that just doesn't mean your equipment, but your data too.

Blackouts may not be as damaging as a surge, but can still take any business reliant on their equipment offline in a single second.

Either way, a lightning strike can have a devastating impact on your business. But there is something that can protect your PC and other IT assets against the vagaries of a storm.

Critical Power Solutions

The Ultimate Anti-Storm Guardian

A Uninterruptible Power Supply in storm season may just be the friend you're looking for. If your business uses a lot of IT equipment, you're probably familiar with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). These units can save your business the angst and expense a lightning strike can bring.

A UPS does exactly what its title suggests: it keeps the lights on for any equipment connected to it if the power goes out. It also provides protection from spikes, surges or sags in power supply - all of which can damage computer equipment.

What your UPS can do for you in the case of a power outage depends on the type and size that you've got. And the difference in price and capability can range dramatically - from as little as $100 for a small unit into thousands for a UPS that's capable of keeping a data centre running through the power outage.

What's your UPS Protecting?

The big benefit of a UPS in storm season is obvious: your business stays up and running regardless of what the power's doing. That said, smaller units have a limited battery life, so your window of operation may be limited - though it does give you time to shut down systems gracefully.

But you're not only maintaining business continuity with a UPS. Should the worst happen to the power grid, a UPS also guards:

  • Your IT equipment from irreparable damage
  • Your critical business data from loss (though you are backing up your data, aren't you?)

Business continuity is more than just keeping the lights on. It's about making sure your business has the equipment, data and assets it needs at all times to carry on. But a UPS is not just about storm or Power Protection. They also refine the quality of the power feeding your equipment, ensuring your equipment's getting the consistent power it needs without irregularities.

If you would like help in selecting a UPS that would best suit your needs, please contact us today.

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