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CyberPower Systems

CyberPower Systems Power Distribution Unit - PDU44004

CyberPower Systems Power Distribution Unit - PDU44004

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Product Description

Ideal for protecting: Server Room, Data Centre, Security Systems, Surveillance Systems, Telephony Devices, Networking Devices, Storage Devices, Satellite Devices, Multimedia Devices, Workstations

CyberPower Systems Power Distribution Unit - PDU44004 provides output from a UPS unit, generator, or utility power to multiple connected devices in IT environments. Dual power cords can be plugged into separate power sources to provide redundancy to single-corded connected equipment. If the selected power source exceeds the desired thresholds or fails, the ATS PDU will automatically switch to the other power source within 10ms (Source Failure Detection Time: 2-3ms. Power Source Transfer Time: 2:7ms) to ensure continuous operation. The unit supports remote individual outlet control over the network, allowing administrators to turn on/off connected devices from any location.

the product is built-in with hot-swappable Ethernet module, which can work with PowerPanel Power Management Software and power management web interface for real-time remote monitoring and configuration. The digital LCD display is also colour configurable, allowing users to easily maintain and monitor the ATS PDU. Users can change LCD's colours to easily categorise devices between multiple machines in server room and IT environments. Even logging via a web browser or network connection allows users to review the history of power conditions. When specified power events occur, automatic event notifications will be sent via email, SMS text, or SNMP trap to designated users so that they can take immediate actions. The USB port also supports easy firmware upgrade. Moreover, the featured RJ45 port enables the connection of the optional environmental sensor (ENVIROSENSOR), which can provide real-time temperature and humidity monitoring in an IT centre.


Technology: Power Distribution Unit
Voltage: 240Vac
Configuration: Switched


Technical Specifications


Output Voltage (V) Depends on Input
Outlets - # of Bank(s) (Bank) 1
Outlet(s) - Total 12
Outlet(s) - Rear 12
Outlet Type

(12) x IEC C13

Remote Individual Outlet Control



Dual Power Inputs Yes
Nominal Input Voltage (Vac) 200 - 240
Input Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Maximum Input Current (A)

12 (UL)

10 (CE)

Input Connector Type (2) x IEC C14


Height 4.4 cm
Width 43.3 cm
Depth 21.5 cm
Rack Height (U) 1
Weight 3.7 kg
Colour Black



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