Get the most out of your Generator with the right UPS

Get the most out of your Generator with the right UPS

For decades, home and small business owners in rural locations have used generators as backup power sources during power failures caused by storms or high heat. 

Currently, many companies, who use corporate servers, lab equipment or other sensitive electronic devices, build a “high availability” installation to protect themselves from power failures. A “high availability” system can ride through a power failure automatically because it has layers of redundancy due to its double conversion UPS system and a backup generator. This setup is designed for the UPS system to provide power until the generator is able to take over as a power supply. None of the devices connected to the UPS system feel the effect of the power outage because the double conversion UPS system provides a zero transfer time between a loss of utility power to battery power to generator power.

If you are considering using a generator in your home or business to power electronic equipment in or outside a server room, a double conversion UPS system would provide you with peace of mind because you can trust the UPS to provide an instant transfer of power. If the generator doesn’t start running right away, you will still have clean and stable power for all of the connected items to the UPS system. Sounds like a perfect solution.

It is a perfect solution! However, in order for this process to work seamlessly, it’s vital to purchase the correct type of UPS system to best approach this application. Double conversion systems like the CyberPower Smart App Online UPS provide the right protection for this need.

The Case for Double Conversion

Many generators, like those purchased at local hardware stores, produce power most UPS systems consider “dirty.” The UPS system monitors the power source’s voltage, frequency and wave form to ensure they are within an acceptable operating range. Some generators create problems for standby and line interactive UPS systems because when the frequency changes quickly or too often, these types of UPS systems will switch to battery power, depleting it. Even though the generator is working, the UPS system has powered off. If the generator runs out of power before electricity is restored, the UPS system may not be available to give you time to perform a shutdown.

Smart App Online UPS is Your Solution

This is not the case with double conversion systems like the CyberPower Smart App Online UPS. This system includes a Generator Mode setting specifically designed to work with generators. With Generator Mode, the UPS will disregard frequency fluctuations or “dirty” power and maintain fully charged batteries.

Having a double conversion system gives you another line of defense in case the electricity and the generator fail. By working with the generator to maintain a full charge, you’ll still have plenty of time to safely close down the system during extended power outages.

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