CyberPower launches Value Pro UPS

CyberPower launches Value Pro UPS

CyberPower has recently launched the Value Pro UPS Series that features energy-saving technology, multi-functional LCD panel and data line protection as well as providing reliable battery backup for a wide range of home and office appliances.

The main enhancement of this brand-new Value Pro UPS Series is the elegant appearance with more outlets. The UPS is designed in tower form factor with large LCD panel and function buttons, which not only displays clear power and battery status, but also allows users to configure UPS settings in an easy way. The featured data line protection with high speed transmission ensures networking devices are safeguarded while supplying 1Gbps speed to transmit data. What's more, the Value Pro Series adopts the patented GreenPower UPS Technology to intelligently reduce power consumption, and is compatible with the PowerPanel software for convenient power management and monitoring.

CyberPower's Value Pro Series is a multi-functional UPS that provides a quick access to UPS status and trusty protection for valuable devices. This UPS brings users a fresh experience in battery backup and guarantees a reliable and affordable power protection for users' home and office equipment.

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